Fund made available to help with the recovery of local clubs in New Zealand

In a move that will boost the morale of many struggling clubs in New Zealand, a fund has been made available by ANZ bank to assist with their recovery followed the coronavirus-enforced hiatus. David White, New Zealand chief executive, expressed gratitude towards ANZ Good Sports Grants for their $1 million pledge to assist with the resurrection of grassroots cricket and netball across the country.

“NZC views community cricket as an absolute priority and this generosity from ANZ NZ will make a real difference to clubs and club cricketers throughout the country,” White said. “I can’t really overstate this point – the grassroots part of the game represents the life and blood of our sport and its health is critical to the future of cricket at all levels, including the Black Caps and the White Ferns.”

White further underlined the importance of the cash injection saying it is vital to make sure local clubs are able to function properly going into the 2020-21 season.

ANZ NZ has had a good understanding and a healthy relationship with both NZC and Netball teams. Antonia Watson, New Zealand and ANZ NZ CEO, stated that subsequent conversations with each sporting body highlighted that how badly the sport has impacted due to COVID-19 pandemic.

“For most New Zealanders, life as we knew it stopped a few months ago, and that included Kiwi kids’ Saturday morning sport,” she said.

“As New Zealand moves down the Covid-19 Alert Levels and we return to a more familiar way of life, it’s important to help kids back into their team sport and physical activity.”

“We worked with NZC and Netball New Zealand to create a community grant programme as they both told us community clubs would be facing different challenges as they get back up and running again.”

The main aim of ANZ NZ is to make sure the sport is active and young players enjoy the game when eventually they make a return on to the field.

“In response we created the ANZ Good Sport Cricket and Netball Grant programme committing $1 million to help local teams and clubs return to the games they enjoy.”

All the local cricket and netball clubs or teams can apply for support through ANZ grant. Any help regarding various cricket equipment or help in funding in team registration fees or ground maintenance.